Best Time to Grow Tomatoes in USA

When should you grow tomatoes in your garden?

The best times to grow tomatoes in the USA vary depending on the region.

It also depends on what kind of tomatoes you want to plant.

Tomato plants require different amounts of sunlight and heat than other vegetables such as peppers and broccoli.

If you live in a climate where summers are hot and dry, then you’ll probably want to start seeds indoors before planting them outside.

You can do this indoors by starting seedlings in a greenhouse or even in pots on a sunny windowsill.

But if you live somewhere with mild winters and cool summers, then you might want to wait until springtime to get started.

TOne good way to ensure you plant tomatoes at the right time is to look at the weather forecast. If there’s any chance of rain or cold temperatures, you should hold off until after those conditions pass.

If it looks like the weather is going to be warm and humid, you can go ahead and plant right away.

In general, however, it is best to plant tomatoes in the spring after the last frost has passed.

For best results, tomato plants should be started indoors about 6 weeks before the last frost date in your region.

This also ensures that when you plant your seeds in the garden after 8 weeks, you have comfortably passed the average last spring frost.

Here is a quick video discussing these factors –

When to Grow Tomatoes in the Various US States

Given weather conditions vary a lot from one state to another, we have developed a detailed guide to help you out with the best times to grow tomatoes in a given state.

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