Can We Compost Cakes? How?

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Quick Answer: Can We Compost Cakes?

No, it is not recommended to add the sponge or fruit-based cakes to the regular compost pile. It may rot down and attract vermins due to a foul smell. They do not add nutrients to the compost heap. The high-fat content in cakes slows down the decomposition process. However, you may ferment them in the Bokashi system and then added to the compost pile.

Based on my own experience of composting, research, and expert opinions, this is a comprehensive guide on composting cakes.

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Can We Compost Cakes?

No, many composters advise against composting sugary baked goods, including cakes. All types of cakes, including sponge, pastry, or mousse-based cakes are not recommended in a regular compost pile.

You may ferment the cakes using the Bokashi system and later added to compost piles.

Also, the large number of leftover cakes may be converted into cake pops, fruit trifles, ice cream topping, or incorporated into cookies.

What Are Issues With Composting Cakes?

The cakes should not go into the compost pile as they can attract pests and don’t add bulk to the compost.

One of the biggest arguments against adding cakes to the compost pile is the risk of inviting rodents and other pests that live around.

It is suggested that you may bury them in the center of the compost pile and cover them with dirt to deter the rodents.

However, cakes are high in fat content which makes it difficult for the microbes to break down. They may inhibit the biochemical processes necessary for successful composting. So, they decompose slowly.

With the cakes decomposing slowly, they may turn rancid and produce a foul smell. It will attract all sorts of pests.

Also, they won’t add a lot of nutrients to your compost heap.

So, it is preferable to avoid composting cakes in a regular compost bin.

Can Cakes Be Treated Using Bokashi System?

Yes, cakes may be treated using the Bokashi system. It is a fermentation process in a sealed bucket in the form of inoculated bran by micro-organisms.

The different steps involved in the Bokashi system are –

1. Add cake pieces to the bucket

Food waste is added to the closed bucket in layers. Sprinkle bran over each layer.

2. Close the lid

Let the bucket sit undisturbed for two weeks.

3. Empty the contents

There will be white mold growing on it. You may empty the contents into an active compost bin or a hole in the ground.

Click on this video to know more about the Bokashi method:

Can You Compost Paper Muffin Liners?

Yes, you can compost paper muffin layers without any synthetic materials. You may add them to the regular compost pile and the microbes will break them quickly.

You can not compost muffin cases that have wax-coating.

They may be treated with glassine or a plasticizing agent.

If you are not sure of the composition of the material, it is recommended to leave them out.


Can cake flour be composted?

Yes, the flour may be composted. You may add it to a regular compost bin. It is best to sprinkle the flour and mix it with organic matter. Also, the flour should be dry before adding it to the compost pile.

How can you repurpose leftover cakes?

You may make cake pops, French toast, ice cream mix-ins, trifle, pie crust, grilled cake, or not-bread puddings. You can even make cake shakes with leftover cakes.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has answered if you can compost cakes.

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