Can You Compost Dog Poop?

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Quick Answer: Can You Compost Dog Poop?

Yes, you may compost dog poop as it is an organic waste when placed in the right conditions. As dog poop harbor many harmful pathogens, they require a well-maintained hot compost pile to destroy them.  Use one part of sawdust to two parts of dog poop to aid in decomposition. It is preferable to use the resulting compost only for non-edible plants.

This is a complete guide on the dos and don’ts of composting dog poop.

Can You Compost Dog Poop?

Yes, you may compost dog poop but requires extra precautionary measures. They require high temperatures of 165oF for five days to compost dog poop.

The dog poop contains higher levels of pathogens and parasites that can be hazardous. So, you need to compost them with great care.

A standard garden composter may not be suitable to dispose of dog poop as it doesn’t have a high temperature. They need a separate dedicated composter with high temperatures.

It is preferable not to use pet poop compost around edible plants. Use it around non-edible, ornamental plants. Mix them with vegetable compost for the best results.

How To Compost Dog Poop With Ease?

Composting dog poop requires constant high temperatures to kill parasites. It is preferable to use the compost around ornamental plants. It is a source of nitrogen, and the ideal location to compost will be a good sunny corner of the garden.

The different steps in composting dog poop are discussed as follows:

  • Prepare the dog manure–  Choose a dry site near your dog area for the compost bin. Start with one part sawdust or other carbon-rich material and two parts dog waste. 

Sawdust is rich in carbon and will help break down the high nitrogen-rich manure. Mix thoroughly after each addition. Add little water.

  • Build the compost pile– Continue adding ingredients until the compost is two to three feet deep. Do not add fresh ingredients once the bin is full.
  • Maintain the pile– Cover the pile with black plastic to retain heat inside the pile. Turn the mix weekly from the outside to the inside to aerate the pile and maintain the temperature. In about four to six weeks, the compost will be crumbly.

Here is a useful video on composting dog poop at home:

What Are The Dangers Of Composting Dog Waste? 

Dog waste may contain various unhealthy parasites that may affect humans. Roundworms and ascarids may live in compost made with dog waste. If they are ingested, they may cause a condition called Visceral Larval Migrans.

The tiny eggs of these parasites will migrate through the bloodstream and attach to the lungs, liver, and other organs.

They cause unpleasant symptoms. Another concern is the smell of the dog poop.

What Are The Benefits Of Composting? 

Composting dog poop helps remove the raw dog waste from the environment where it can pollute the groundwater and lakes. It destroys pathogens and produces a nutritious soil amendment. It helps in improving the physical structure and fertility of the soil.

Also, composting eliminates the need to transport dog waste to a disposal facility and saves money and energy.

How Long Does It Take Dog Poop To Decompose? 

The dog poop takes at least two months to decompose completely. It depends on the diet of the dog, climatic conditions, and compost pile nature.

Dog’s diet plays an important role in the time taken for the poop to decompose. The dog with a high protein diet will have a poop that will take a longer time to decompose.

In contrast, dogs with a diet of grains and plants have a gentler poop that will break down fast.

A hotter climate will make the poop decompose faster. A chilly climate will make them decompose longer.


Can you add dog poop into Bokashi? Can you add dog poop into Bokashi? 

Yes, the American Kennel Club suggests that dog poop may be added to Bokashi. Add the dog poop into the bucket without bags, sprinkle compost accelerator on the surface, close the bucket, and allow it to ferment. The microbes in Bokashi will inhibit pathogens and kill fecal microbes.

What is the environmental way of disposing of dog poop?

According to the EPA, the most environmental way of disposing of dog poop is to flush it down the toilet. Most water treatment facilities can process water containing fecal matter. You may also use flushable dog poops made from polyvinyl alcohol that breaks down in the water.

Can raw dog poop be used as fertilizer? 

No, raw dog feces should not be used as a fertilizer. It may harbor harmful parasites that may be transferred to the soil and survive in that environment. It may be risky to grow food crops in such soil.

Bottom Line

I hope this guide has given you certain tips on composting dog poop.

Also, please share your suggestions for composting them!