Can You Compost French Fries?

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In Brief: Can We Compost French Fries?

No. We can not compost French fries. The addition of fried items in the compost bin may slow the composting process. It may become smelly due to a lack of airflow. It may attract rats, raccoons, and other unwanted visitors from the neighborhood. It is preferable to discard the French fries in the trash rather than composting them.

If you are wondering if we can compost French fries, then this post will provide you with an answer.

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Can We Compost French Fries?

We can not compost processed food, including French fries. They do not decompose easily and mess with a delicate balance of microbes.

No. We can not compost French Fries.

Not all food can go into compost. Environmentalists do not recommend adding processed foods, including French fries to the compost pile. They will mess with the balance of the composting process.

What Are Issues With Composting French Fries?

French fries may slow the decomposition process. In addition, it may attract pests when added to the compost bin.

French fries are one of the popular ways of eating potatoes. But, it is fried in oil, and so, it contains large amounts of grease like any other processed food.

It is recommended not to add large amounts of grease and oil to the compost. They slow down the biochemical composting processes.

The ecosystem of the compost requires a certain amount of moisture to decompose properly. The oil from French fries will drive out water from the compost by forming water-resistant barriers around other materials. The lack of airflow could make your pile stinking.

The smell may repel you. But, they attract animal pests and other unwanted visitors to the smell that comes from composted food scraps.

So, if you have any French fries, it is better to discard them in your trash bin.


Can worms eat French fries?

The worms may tolerate a smaller amount of potatoes in the form of mashed, sliced, or baked. But they can not eat oily and greasy foods, including French fries. It will take a longer time for them to decompose.

Can we put potato peels while making French fries down your garbage disposal?

No. The skins of potatoes emit gummy starch. It turns into a paste in a garbage disposal. It may get stuck to the waste cut-off mechanism or clog auxiliary pipes. So, avoid, putting potato peels in the garbage disposal.

Bottom Line

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