Can You Compost Toilet Paper Rolls?

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Quick Answer: Can You Compost Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, toilet paper rolls may be composted at home in a regular compost pile. They help in absorbing excess moisture from the compost pile and aerating them. It is recommended to tear the rolls into smaller pieces and soak them in water to speed up the decomposition process. It requires a concentrated nitrogen source to stimulate decomposition.

This guide will explore how to compost toilet paper rolls in your home compost pile. 

Read on to know more about composting toilet paper rolls!

Can You Compost Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, toilet paper rolls may be composted as they are made from cardboard. They help in soaking up excess water and aerating the compost heaps. It is recommended to tear them into smaller pieces or soak them in water before adding them to the compost pile.

One concern with composting toilet paper rolls is the tiny amount of glue in them. It will not affect the composting process.

It may be an issue when intended to use the compost on edibles or want organic compost.

Also, use the toilet paper rolls in moderation as the compost pile prefers a varied carbon source.

Some companies use starch-based glues for their toilet rolls. The finished compost can be used for your vegetable garden, flower beds, and citrus trees.

How To Compost Toilet Paper Rolls With Ease?

Toilet paper rolls function as a carbon-heavy brown ingredient. Use them in small amounts to decompose easily. Tear them into small pieces and add them to the compost pile.

The various steps in composting paper rolls are as follows:

  • Tear the toilet paper rolls– Collect the toilet paper rolls. Flatten and tear them into pieces as cardboard is slow to compost. This will fasten the decomposition process. When the weather is damp, leave them lying around for a few days. The dampness allows paper rolls to tear easily.
  • Throw them into the compost pile– Soak them in water and toss them into the compost pile. The soaking of the cardboard pieces will fasten the decomposition process. Mix with fresh manure or grass clippings.
  • Maintain your compost pile– Keep turning the compost pile to provide aeration. The finished compost will add lots of organic matter and high-quality humus to the soil.

Can You Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls? 

Yes, empty toilet paper rolls may be recycled. They may help you store electrical cords or organize the hair bands. You may also upcycle them as seed starters, napkin rings, jewelry organizers, and various crafts.

You may fold up the cord, stick it inside the tube, and organize the electrical cords.

You may also keep your hair bands together by wrapping them around the empty cardboard tube.

Check this video for alternate ways of using paper rolls:

How Long Does It Take For Toilet Paper Rolls To Decompose?

The toilet paper rolls may take between one to five months to decompose completely. The rate of decomposition depends on the size of toilet rolls, weather conditions, moisture content, and microbes in the compost bin.

The toilet paper rolls broken into smaller pieces may decompose faster than whole rolls. Also, soaking them in water will fasten the decomposition.

The warm weather will heat the pile and decompose the paper rolls quickly.

How To Feed Worms Toilet Paper Rolls?

The worms can be fed with toilet paper rolls, and they decompose producing worm castings. Cut the toilet paper rolls in stripes, soak them in water, and spread them over the top of the worm farm.

Sprinkle the paper roll stripes over the top, add other food scraps,  and cover the worm bin with a worm blanket to retain moisture.

The whole rolls can be added but it may take more than six months to decompose completely.

It also acts as a great bedding source for worms. It helps in keeping the carbon and nitrogen balance in check.

This quick video goes through how worms compost toilet paper rolls:


Is toilet paper rolls biodegradable? 

Yes, toilet paper is biodegradable as they are made of natural resources. The microorganisms will break them within months. The moisture content and warm weather will speed up the breakdown process.

How to prepare the toilet paper rolls for composting?

The shredding, tearing, or ripping up paper rolls will increase the surface area for the microbes to work. Moistening the paper before throwing it into the compost pile will ensure that it does not dry the environment. Also, worms require moist skin to allow dissolved oxygen to pass through their bloodstream.

Is it better to recycle or compost toilet paper rolls?

It is better to recycle empty toilet paper rolls into various arts and crafts. It will reduce the amount of deforestation and save resources. Alternatively, you may compost them to reduce their impact on landfills.

Bottom Line

I hope this guide has highlighted different considerations while composting toilet paper rolls. Please do share if you have any other method of composting them!