Can You Compost Wax Papers? Everything You Should Know

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In Brief: Can You Compost Wax Papers?

Yes, Wax Paper can be composted if produced with soybean wax or vegetable paraffin wax. If the paper is composed of petroleum oil wax, do not compost it because it is unsafe and unhealthy for the microorganisms in your yard and compost bin.

This ultimate guide will take you through simple steps and precautions to take care of composting Wax Papers.

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Can You Compost Wax Papers?

Yes, you can compost waxed paper that has been coated with soybean wax because it is organic. Even though it is decomposable, bacteria will have difficulty digesting it.

Because soyabean oil is considered organic, the waxed paper can be composted; however, it takes a long time because it is still waxed. Microbes will have a hard time digesting it, giving it more time to degrade.

The same can be said for wax paper that has been treated with vegetable oil and is decomposable. On the other hand, microbes will have a hard time digesting it.

Meanwhile, you can't compost waxed paper that's been coated with petroleum-based paraffin because it's inorganic and not decomposable.

Petroleum-based or paraffin oil, on the other hand, is inorganic and does not disintegrate. Several firms also add chlorine and bleach during the waxed paper process with paraffin oil.

Typically, these brands will state right on the label that the paper is "compostable." Keep in mind that certain companies that say "composted" on their packaging may be referring to professionally compostable paper, which is not the same as home composting.

How To Compost Wax Papers With Ease?

Reusing waxed paper is another approach to reduce the amount of waxed paper used.
As a result, you should simply reuse your old waxed paper rather than buy a new one.

Especially if you’re just going to bake some sugar cookies or make some fluffy and fudgy desserts.

Simply wipe away any remaining sugar or flour on your waxed paper with a damp tissue, damp cloth, or even a paper towel. After that, you’ll be able to utilize it whenever you want.

Suppose you’re serious about decomposing your garbage. In that case, you’ll want to double-check the types of waste you’re dealing with so you don’t end up wasting a batch of composting materials because you misinterpreted the nature of your garbage.

If your waste is waxed paper and you’re not sure if it’s made of soybean oil or petroleum, you should put it away in your trash can rather than your biodegradable waste container.

How Long Does It Take To Compost Wax Papers?

When utilizing waxed paper with an organic wax coating, such as soybean oil-based wax or vegetable oil wax, it will take 2 to 6 weeks in the trash to disintegrate completely.

Meanwhile, petroleum-based or paraffin oil-based coated waxed paper will take a very very long time to biodegrade completely. Given that it is inorganic and cannot be destroyed or recycled, I believe it will take a thousand years to biodegrade completely.

To summarise, the length of time it takes for waxed paper to biodegrade is determined mainly by the material used to create it.

Your compost pile’s carbon to nitrogen ratio should be maintained for the most remarkable outcomes, which you may do by including a variety of green and brown items.

Is Wax Paper Biodegradable?

Waxed papers are not only useful, but they also have some environmental advantages, making them appealing as eco-friendly wrapping options. Some waxed papers are biodegradable both naturally and biologically. Decomposition of wax papers based on soybean oil or vegetable oil could take two weeks to a month.

The coated wax paper will eventually degrade regardless of the coating, although some wax coatings might render the paper non-biodegradable.

Organic and biodegradable coated waxes derived from soybean oil and vegetable oil are available. On the other hand, Petroleum-based paraffin waxes are not organic and are not considered biodegradable.

Can Bleached Wax Paper be Composted?

Before being waxed, paper is frequently bleached, which removes the brown tint and turns it white. Although bleached wax paper can be composted, the chemicals used in the process (such as chlorine) may have negative environmental consequences.

As a result, we recommend buying unbleached wax paper whenever possible. Beeswax paper is your best bet if you’re searching for something that can be composted and is free of toxic chemicals, but it might be tough to come by.

What Are Some Other Ways Of Getting Rid of Wax Paper?

If you can’t compost your wax paper, the next best thing is to find another environmentally responsible method to use it. Because of its water-resistant covering, wax paper cannot be recycled.

Here are a few ways to use wax paper that are environmentally friendly:

Wax paper can be reused numerous times – You should utilize wax paper as much as possible before discarding it. This will cut down on the amount of waste you produce.

After each usage, simply clean the paper. It can be used for various cold storage tasks, including wrapping sandwiches or freezing baked items.

Reducing the amount of wax paper – If you want to minimize wax paper waste, this is the easiest way to do it. You can keep goods in glass containers that can be reused instead of wax paper.

Another fantastic alternative is to store items in empty food jars.

Toss it in the garbage – As a final resort, we recommend this. The good news is that wax paper is biodegradable, which means it will eventually decompose even in a landfill.

However, considering how much wax paper is used is not the most environmentally responsible alternative.

Are There Any Concerns with Composting Wax Paper?

Yes, chemicals and decomposition time are two primary considerations when composting wax paper. Paraffin-based wax papers (which include petroleum) will not decompose in your compost pile and will most likely cause problems.

Manufacturers frequently treat the Wax paper with chlorine and bleach, posing a severe health risk. Furthermore, the decomposition of these paraffin-based wax coatings will take a lengthy period.

Even though the wax paper is biodegradable, composting it is difficult and, in some situations, not recommended.

Composting it may end up adding possibly carcinogenic or toxic compounds to your compost pile, which can wind up in your homegrown food, depending on the sort of wax used to coat the paper.


Can I Compost Used Wax Paper with Food on It?

I would recommend caution here. When composting, the best thing to do is take out oily bits and discard them separately; never compost anything that contains food oils! Keep in mind that while vegetable cooking oil degrades quickly, animal fats do not, so keep that in mind before attempting to compost them.

Can You Compost Parchment Paper?

Your parchment paper should not be composted. Bleached, waxed, or silicone-coated parchment papers are the most common types. These compounds coat parchment paper to make it more robust and greaseproof.

Can you compost wax paper cups?

Yes, Compostable waxed paper cups are also available (the wax will scrape off with your fingernail). Other paper cups are usually lined with plastic and should be thrown away in the trash.

Is waxed paper eco-friendly?

Yes, While the wax paper isn’t harmful to the environment in and of itself, the amount you waste away can stack up and end up in landfills. Other food storage choices, such as plastic wrap are not as environmentally friendly as wax paper. Wax paper is biodegradable in most cases, and some can even be composted.

Is wax paper the same as parchment paper?

Wax paper is also available in a roll and has a similar appearance to parchment paper, but it does not work. Because parchment paper is heat-resistant and nonstick, it’s frequently used to line sheet trays and cake pans in the kitchen.

Final Words

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