How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes In A Raised Bed?

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This is a detailed guide to provide you with the appropriate spacing required between tomato plants in a raised bed.

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How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes In A Raised Bed?

Year after year, tomatoes are one of my favorite plants to grow in a raised bed. A tomato straight from the garden tastes better.

If you plan to grow tomatoes in a raised bed, one of the questions that will arise is how far apart to plant tomatoes in a raised bed.

Tomato plants do not tolerate overcrowding.

I have experienced that you get disease-free and healthy tomato plants if adequately spaced apart. The proper spacing increases airflow between plants and reduces the chances of infection and pest infestation.

Also, it reduces the competition between plants for nutrients and sunlight. It allows you to easily access plants to check for diseases and pests, prune the plants, and harvest the fruits without damaging them plant.

The guidelines for spacing tomato plants in a raised bed are the same as in the ground.  A general rule of thumb is to provide 18-24 inches of space between tomato plants in a raised bed.

But the spacing of your tomato plants varies depending on the variety of the tomato plants and the depth of the raised bed. In deeper soil, they can be placed closer, about 12 inches or more. Leave at least four feet of space between rows.

Let us analyze the spacing requirement of tomatoes in detail.

Spacing Requirements According To Variety

Bush tomatoes or determinate tomatoes are more petite but bushier than indeterminate.

Full-sized determinate varieties require at least two feet (24 inches) of space between them in a raised bed. This allows them to spread without getting intertwined. Some determinate varieties are bred to be smaller and can be planted as close as 12 inches apart.

In contrast, vine or indeterminate tomatoes require support to keep them vertical. These staked varieties may be spaced a little closer than bush tomatoes.

You may plant staked vine tomatoes at 18-24 inches of space in between them. But, they require adequate pruning to increase airflow and reduce tangling with the neighbor plants.

Unsupported indeterminate plants may take up about four feet between the plants as they tend to spread along the ground. If you space them very close, it may increase the likelihood of diseases and reduce the tomato yield.

Summary Table: Tomato Spacing According to Variety

Small-sized determinate tomatoes12 inches or more
Full-sized determinate tomatoesAt least 24 inches
Staked indeterminate tomatoes18-24 inches
Unsupported indeterminate tomatoesFour feet

You may go through this video for spacing between tomato plants:

Tomato Spacing Requirements According To Depth

The depth of the raised garden bed also plays a role in determining the spacing requirement. The raised beds tend to have richer soil than open gardens.

If the soil is deeper, more nutrients are available for the tomato plants. Also, there is more space for the plant’s roots. You may place them as close as 12 inches or more.

Ideal Spacing Between Rows Of Tomato Plants

When growing several plants in a row, leave at least four feet of space between the rows of tomato plants. If you have wide enough raised beds, you may have success in growing several tomato plants in the same bed.

Many gardeners have had success in growing beneficial companion plants, including marigolds in between tomato rows.

If you are interested in knowing more about intercropping with tomato plants, check out this video:


Hopefully, this guide has provided specific tips on the ideal spacing between tomato plants in a raised bed.

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