What To Do With Compost

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In Brief: What To Do With Compost

For months, you have been mixing food scraps, leaves, and other organic matter in a container, and you have compost that is ready to be used, but how? If you are looking to become more sustainable, and you want to provide your plants with a healthy and productive growing environment, compost is a great method. In order to help you, we have prepared a couple of tips of what to do with compost, the so-called “black gold”. Read on to find out!

Compost is a diverse natural product that can be used in so many different ways to encourage the growth of your plants, fruits, and vegetables.

But knowing what to do with your compost can feel overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner.

But fear not, we will walk you through the benefits of compost as well as how you can use it in your garden to help your plants thrive.

Benefits Of Compost

First and foremost, you will be adding essential nutrients to your soil. Given the fact that compost is a humus type of soil, chances are high that your plants are going to thrive from the nutrients that the organic matter is composed of.

There are also a number of healthy microorganisms that you will be introducing to your material that are the result of organic matter decomposition.

Apart from the fact that you will be creating a healthy and sustainable growing environment, Mother Nature is going to thank you as you reduce overall landfill waste.

Not only that, but composting is a great way to recycle kitchen waste, as well. Overall, it is a superb method that will not only help you grow healthy plants but also act eco-friendly.

If you are eager to find more details about how composting can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful garden, take a look at this video:


What To Do With Compost

As OneGreenPlanet magazine suggests, there are a number of uses for compost, of which some are garden-related and others are not.

Liquid Compost Tea

Among the most innovative methods for using compost is making a liquid fertilizer out of it. It is as simple as soaking the organic matter in water for a couple of days, only to strain the solids and put the remaining liquid in a spray bottle.

Once it is time to compost your soil, simply spray the compost tea at the base of the stem and into the soil.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Another great way to use your compost is to fertilize your yard. It all comes down to raking in a couple of inches of the organic matter into the grass and enjoying the process of natural fertilization.

Amending Soil

You can also mix the compost before you plant your vegetables/flowers with the basic soil. The idea behind this is to add more nutrients right from the start.

Also, compost helps aerate the soil and also adds healthy microorganisms and essential nutrients.


Last but certainly not least is mulching. As GardeningKnowHow suggests, you lathe organic matter around the base of your plants (in a radius of up to 15 inches). Much like any other mulch, it will help the soil retain moisture and maintain the proper temperature.

If you are not sure about the differences between mulch and compost, take a look at this video to find out:



While decomposition of the organic matter that you are mixing into your compost may take some time, using the final product is quite easy.

We did our best to highlight a couple of the most popular methods, but we encourage you to try different methods and find what works best for you!