When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana?

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Quick Answer: When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana

Louisiana serves gardeners with very pleasant weather for tomato planting. The fall season is suitable for sowing seeds. Late April- Early May is believed to be a good time for outdoor transplanting. A tomato gardener must be very aware of the frost dates of the Louisiana region. The last frost could be anticipated anytime between April 1 and April 25. A tomato garden must be set up after the danger of frost danger is completely over.

This is a detailed guide for growing tomatoes in Louisiana. 

I have included key information such as frost dates, seeding tips, transplanting tips, etc. to help you have a great tomato harvest.

Let us get started!

Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana

For a productive harvest, it is necessary that the tomato plant ripes early. For the early ripening of tomatoes either choose varieties that mature early or inculcate practices that accelerate the ripening of the tomatoes. 

The early ripening of the tomato fruit is an outcome of favoring environmental conditions, mulching, and other useful practices.  

The weather conditions include the availability of sunlight, water, and nutrients. Frost is a key factor to consider.

Frost in Louisiana

Louisiana generally experiences its first frost in November and last frost in April. The growing season is approximate 200 days. 

Select tomato varieties according to their maturation days, the growing season of Louisiana, sunlight hours, rainfall, and expected frost of the Louisiana regions.

In Louisiana, a gardener can safely plant the tomatoes in April or May depending on the frost of their regions. For indoor seed planting, February is a good month. The indoor temperature is proper for seedlings' growth and germination. 

Some parts of Louisiana experience less frost. For such parts, gardeners can plant the tomatoes twice in a year. Select early ripening varieties with a maximum maturation period of 60 days. 

Choose dates based on indoor and outdoor temperatures, soil moisture and warmth, humidity and rainfall, and frost.

Here are the frost dates for Louisiana –

Table: Frost Dates For Louisiana

CityFirst Frost DateLast Frost Date
CoushattaNovember 1April 4
LeesvilleNovember 2April 2
CameronDecember 10February 19
GreensburgNovember 9March 26

Other Important Aspects to Grow Tomatoes

A tomato plant must be grown up to 3-4 inches tall with 2-3 leaves before transplanting. 

A suitable temperature is required for good growth of tomato plants –

  • Daytime Temperature of maximum 85 degrees F and minimum 60 degrees F.
  • Nighttime Temperature of maximum 65-70 degrees F and minimum 55 degrees F. 

The soil must be warmed up to a temperature of 65-70 degrees F. The pH of the soil should be slightly acidic. The pH range is 6.2 to 6.8.

The humidity of the area must be 65%-75%. 

The area chosen for tomatoes must have proper sunlight, an efficient drainage system, a properly built watering system, and proper hygiene. 

How to Take Care of Tomatoes in Louisiana

Apart from the usual things, you can explore the following for growing tomatoes in Louisiana

Raised Beds

The process involves raising the surface of the soil in the planted rows roughly 8 to 9 inches more elevated than the path level between the rows. 

It encourages deep root growth and warm soil effectively. It provides a better drainage system. 

Check out this video for raising beds for tomatoes –


Organic and synthetic mulch accelerates the process of ripening tomatoes. Mulching reduces the risk of weed growth and diseases. 

It boosts the total yield of tomatoes and hastens the production of tomatoes. It also protects the soil from drying winds and scalding sun.

Check out this video for tomato Mulching-

Early Ripening Tomato Varieties

Here are some popular varieties you can grow in Louisiana –

  • Ultra Early Varieties – ‘Glacier,’ ‘Northern Delight’ and ‘Stupice.’
  • Early Varieties – ‘Oregon Spring’ and ‘Siletz.’ 
  • Legend, Sun Gold, and Black Krim are some varieties that are early ripeners and are resistant to many diseases.

Preventive Measures for a Healthy Tomato

Here are some quick tips for growing healthy tomatoes –

  • Use finely textured and highly drained soil. 
  • Monitor the pH of the soil on regular basis.
  • To raise the nutrient level of the plants, supplement the soil with manure, compost, and soluble salts. Mulch the plants using organic mulches. 
    • Add naturally available ingredients to the topsoil to enrich the soil with boron, sulfur, and calcium. 
  • Stake the stems of the plant for physical support. Staking is the most effective way to animal barriers. 
  • To maintain garden sanitation, clip off the bottom foliage and burn them in the burn pile. Prune the suckers regularly. 
  • Disinfect the tools and hands before working with tomato plants.

Check out this video for tomato care and maintenance-


What is the best way of watering the tomato plants?

Use a drip irrigation system for efficient watering. Drip irrigation helps in watering just the roots of the plants. It is a cost-effective and handy technique.  Construct trenches alongside tomato rows for better drainage of water. It reduces soil compaction.

What should be the minimum distance between tomato rows?

The tomatoes grow best when 18 to 24 inches apart spaced. Cage the plants for more spacing.


I hope this guide will help you grow some amazing tomato plants in your garden.

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