When to Plant Tomatoes in South Carolina?

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Quick Answer: When to Plant Tomatoes in South Carolina

South Carolina offers great weather conditions for tomato growth. The planting days differ from one region to another hence, the best time to plant tomatoes is two weeks after the last frost in the region. April and May suit most of the parts of South Carolina. For indoor planting, keep a gap of at least one month before the frost in the region ends.

This is your go-to guide for planting tomatoes in South Carolina.

The guide includes suitable weather conditions for South Carolina tomatoes. It has some useful practices for a beautiful set up of your tomato garden. 

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Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in South Carolina

Tomato is a very tender fruit. It grows in a very specific range of temperature, rainfall, and humidity conditions.

In South Carolina, some regions can grow the tomatoes in early April and some have to wait until April is over.

Ideally, April end would be the perfect time for transplanting tomatoes outside. 

For safety purposes, a gardener should check the expected frost dates of their regions.

For growing the seeds in trays, start early in the year like February. It is better to sow the seeds inside a month before you plan to set up your garden. 

Set up the garden with tomato plants after the danger of frost is completely over. 15-20 days after the last frost is ideally suitable for outdoor planting.

The table given below shows average first and last frost dates of some cities of South Carolina-

Table: Frost Dates For South Carolina

CityFirst Frost DateLast Frost Date
BlythewoodOctober 20April 26
SpartanburgOctober 21April 21
PatrickNovember 1April 6
MileyNovember 10March 24

Sunlight is the most crucial factor for the growth of the tomato. Any tomato variety needs sunlight for a minimum of seven hours. 

The growing seeds might demand light for more than 10 hours a day. 

To make sure the availability of maximum sunlight, plant the tomatoes away from tall trees and shade.

A tomato plant must be at least 3 inches tall while it is prepared for transplanting.  To prevent overcrowding, maintain 3-4 inches of space between the rows. 

In South Carolina, the average maturation period of the tomato variety is 80 days. Make sure you plant the tomato variety according to their harvesting period. 

Prepare the soil before planting the seeds of the tomato. It might protect the plants from weeds, pests, and other tomato diseases. 

Carefully keep a note for the next 2-3 months’ weather conditions. 

Soil temperature must be around 65 degrees F. It will ensure a good germination rate of the seeds. The daytime and nighttime temperature of the area must not fall below 55 degrees F and rise above 75 degrees F.

How to Take Care of Tomatoes in South Carolina

A well-maintained garden is a home for red and firm tomatoes. Here are some quick tips –

Soil pH

The first preventative step is to test the pH soil and soil structure.

It is a necessary step that must be done before planting the seeds inside.

Add limestone or calcium-enriched material into the soil for the desired pH of 6.5-6.8.

Nutrients in Soil

A soil deficient in nutrients and water is not good for tomato health. Supplement the soil with lots of compost and manure. It will enrich the soil and will establish a stable root system. 

For essential elements like N, P, and K, add a well-balanced fertilizer mixed with enough gallons of water to the soil. 

Check out this video on how to fertilize the tomato soil-

To control weed growth in the plant, mulch the soil with 2-3 inches of organic matter or add herbicides into the soil. 

Stake the tomato plants with half inches depressed wooden stick. Maintain a gap of 4-5 ft between the staked plants. 

Check out this video on common mistakes that should be avoided while planting tomato-

Best Tomato Varieties of South Carolina

Choosing a tomato cultivar is a very critical step of tomato gardening.

The type of tomato chosen is one’s personal choice. However, one should choose a variety that suits the growing days and weather conditions of your area.

Cherry Type

Juliet Hybrid, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid, Sweet Million Hybrid, Chocolate Cherry

Plum Type tomato

Juliet Hybrid, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid, Sweet Million Hybrid, Chocolate Cherry

Winter Storage type 

Burpee’s Long-keeper, San Marzano (paste), Ruby Treasure, Golden Treasure, Yellow out Red In, Red Rock.


How many days does tomato take to harvest?

Generally, a tomato takes 60-100 days to harvest. Harvesting and ripening of tomatoes will depend on the type of tomato variety chosen, cultural practices used during planting, and the fertilizer used.

What is the optimum temperature required for the germination of tomato seeds?

A temperature of 70 degrees F is enough to germinate the tomato seeds. The constant temperature of 70 degrees for five days is sufficient for good germination.

What might be the possible reason that my tomato plant is just producing flowers and no fruits?

The reason for no or fewer tomato fruits could be insufficient sunlight or inconsistent watering to the tomato plants. Extreme hot and cold temperatures can contribute to no fruiting of the tomato plants.

What percent of humidity is adequate for South Carolina tomato gardening?

Tomatoes are very tender and grow in a specific range of climatic conditions. 40-70% is beneficial for pollinating activity of the tomato plants. High humidity keeps the plant at risk of developing diseases.


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