Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma

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Quick Answer: When to Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a hot and humid climate with a tomato growing season of 180 to 220 days. For tomato planting, days between April 20- April 25 are suitable. Before planting the tomatoes outside, make sure the temperature of the soil is high enough so that tomatoes do well in the season. The ideal soil temperature must be around 70 degrees F.

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Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma

Tomato is a sensitive warm-season fruit.

For Oklahoma, any day between April 10 and April 25 is suitable for tomato planting. Even so, one must remember the general rule of tomato planting always transplants the tomatoes at least two weeks after the last expected frost in your area.

Check for some average frost dates of some regions of Oklahoma below:

Remember to look for the expected frost dates in your area and then consider planting and sowing tomatoes.

Table: Frost Dates For Oklahoma

CityFirst Frost Date
Last Frost Date
CoyleOctober 22April 17
DukeOctober 25April 13
BristowOctober 17
April 19
BlancoOctober 29April 7

For sowing the seeds, the thumb rule suggests maintaining a gap of two months between sowing and transplanting. 

So, tomato seed must be planted a month before the last expected frost, therefore; providing sufficient time for the seed to germinate and grow with proper conditions maintained inside.

While transplanting the tomatoes outside, maintain a gap of 4 ft. between rows.

The ideal harvesting time for tomatoes is around 70-90 days. Accordingly, plant the seeds and transplant the plants. 

To prevent physiological diseases of the tomato plants, grow a tomato in a regulated atmosphere. 

Keep the tomato seeds in 16 hours of light and provide 7-8 hours of sunlight to the well-grown tomato plant every day.

Tomatoes should be grown in an area with a good drainage system and with no tall trees or shrubs around. 

Look for the water system of your area. There should be a proper water supply in the garden for easy watering.

  • The temperature of the soil must be warm up to 70 degrees F. 
  • The daytime temperature must be above 60 degrees F and below 75 degrees F.
  • The nighttime temperature must be between 55-60 degrees F. A temperature below 50 degrees F is harmful to the growth of the tomato plant.
  • Oklahoma provides the required optimum weather conditions in April, May, June, and July.

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How to Take Care of Tomatoes in Oklahoma

A good harvest results from proper nutrients, appropriate conditions, and useful cultural practices.

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A soil test is performed before planting the tomatoes indoors and outdoors. Add fertilizer and compost according to the nutrient requirement of the soil. 

To ensure that there is no prevalence of diseases in the garden, keep monitoring the foliage, roots, and stems of the tomato plants.

Avoid working with the plants when they are wet. Keep garden hygiene up to the mark. Do not let any foliage fall on the ground.

In months of scorching heat and chilly nights, let the tomato plants ripe in a shaded place. You can put the plants indoors when the colour of the fruit is pink or yellowish-orange.

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Best Tomato Varieties of Oklahoma

The type of tomato determines the yield and taste of the tomato. Some recommended tomato varieties are-

Tomato varieties that are high-temperature tolerant

  • Talladaga Hybrid- 60-67 maturation period
  • Top Gun Hybrid- 75 maturation period
  • Bella Rosa Hybrid- 75 maturation period

Tomato varieties that are early ripeners

  • Bush Early Girl Hybrid- 54 maturation period – Determinate
  • Polbig Hybrid- 55 maturation period-  Determinate
  • Merlot Hybrid- 59 maturation period – Indeterminate

Some other tomato cultivars are-

  • Cherry Type: Sun Gold, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Yellow Mini (F1)
  • Large Fruit- Beefsteak, Beef master, Ponderosa, and Oxheart
  • Small fruit- Juliet, Mountain Bell VF, Small Fry VF, Sweet 100


How often should I test the soil of my Garden?

It is best to get yourself a soil test kit and get the soil tested before sowing and transplanting the tomatoes. However, after every three to four years checking the soil structure and pH becomes a necessary practice for a good tomato yield.

What is the minimum amount of space one should keep between two tomato plants?

A gardener should maintain a gap of at least Four ft. between two tomato plants. It ensures quick drying of the plant and also increases air circulation.

How many tomato plants are sufficient for an Oklahoma home gardener?

4-5 plants per person are a good start to tomato home gardening. However, the number of tomato plants depends on the area, tomato variety, type of container, and seasonal fluctuations of the region.

What is the possible reason for the wilting of tomato plants even after sufficient watering?

There is a chance that the soluble salts present in the soil are too high. To overcome the problem, monitor and check the soil of your garden.


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