28 Best Disease-Resistant Tomatoes Varieties

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Best Disease-Resistant Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of my favorite crops to grow in my garden. But, it is depressing to lose the entire crop of tomatoes to diseases.

Tomatoes are susceptible to Fusarium wilt virus, Verticillium wilt virus, root-knot nematodes, and Tobacco mosaic virus. So, it is preferable to choose disease-resistant tomato varieties, including Better Boy, Sweet 100, Big Daddy, and more, based on the diseases in your region. You may look at the label or seed packet for the details.

Let us discuss the various disease-resistant tomato varieties.

1. Better Boy

Better Boy is a classic indeterminate hybrid tomato variety. It is resistant to Fusarium, Verticillium, and Nematodes.

It holds the world record for most tomatoes on a single plant.

Click this video for the Better Boy profile:

2. Sweet 100

One of the popular indeterminate hybrid cherry tomato varieties is Sweet 100. They are resistant to both Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt.

They are prolific and versatile, with high sugar content.

3. Big Daddy

Big Daddy tomatoes are Fusarium and Verticillium-resistant beefsteak hybrids bred from Big Boy tomatoes.

They produce ruby red meaty fruits in indeterminate vines until frost. They are perfect for slicing and canning.

Here is a video on Big Daddy’s profile:

4. Celebrity

Celebrity is a high-yielding hybrid bushy variety with good disease resistance to Fusarium, Verticillium, Nematode, and TMV. They have a good flavor with large, meaty, red tomatoes.

They grow to a certain height but produce fruits all season until frost.

5. Fourth Of July

Fourth of July, also known as ‘Independence Day Tomato’ is an indeterminate hybrid prolific tomato variety with thicker skin. They show resistance to Fusarium, Verticillium, nematodes, and TMV.

Their flavor gets better as the temperature gets warm. One drawback is that they are susceptible to cracking.

6. Early Girl

Early Girl tomato is a round tennis ball-sized indeterminate variety. They are highly reliable and prolific with resistance to Fusarium and Verticillium.

Also, they are resistant to common tomato pests. They are softer than other tomato varieties.

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7. Italian Ice

A sugary, sweet cream-yellow tomato variety with low to moderate acid levels is Italian Ice. They are resistant to Fusarium, Verticillium, and nematodes.

One of the unique features is their yellow-white color when ripe.

I prefer them for fresh eating due to their mellow flavor and color.

8. Better Bush

Better Bush is a compact plant variety suitable for containers and small gardens. They are resistant to Fusarium, Verticillium, and nematodes.

They have heavy foliage that protects them from sunburn. Their flavor works well for sandwiches and slicing.

You may go through this video for additional details:

9. BrandyWise

BrandyWise is an indeterminate juicy red-slicing tomato. They have resistance to different stages of blight, including Late blight, Early Blight, and Septoria Leaf spot.

They are easy to grow and prolific, paired with rich flavor and medium acidity.

Also, they are less susceptible to fruit cracking.

10. SuperSauce

SuperSauce is a large-sized, easy-to-grow,  indeterminate fruit that is easy to peel. Also, they are Fusarium and Verticillium disease-resistant making them an ideal choice.

They are meaty with very few seeds and packed with flavor.

They are ideal for sauces,  soups, slicing, and salads.

11. Bush Big Boy

A mid-season, determinate hybrid with a red, flattened globe shape is Bush Big Boy. They resist Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, nematodes, and TMV.

They produce large, juicy tomatoes, making them ideal for summer slicer tomatoes and smaller spaces.

12. Summer Girl

Another tomato variety with exceptional disease tolerance to Fusarium and Verticillium is Summer Girl.

They are well known for their flavor and ripen a week earlier than Early Girl.

Also, they have larger fruits, improved yields, and better disease resistance than Early Girl.

Here is a video on Summer Girl:

13. Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear is an heirloom variety that may date back to the seventeenth century. The modern-day varieties are resistant to Fusarium and Verticillium.

They are baby pear-shaped with a sweet taste and look appealing in salads.

14. Iron Lady

Iron Lady F1 hybrid tomatoes have impressive resistance to late blight, early blight, and septoria, reducing the need for disease-control sprays.

They are fine-textured, dense with juiciness, and have a well-balanced tomato flavor.

They are a determinate variety perfect for growing indoors and garden.

15. Stellar

Stellar tomatoes are medium-sized round red, determinate tomatoes that are perfect both raw and cooked. They have high resistance to late blight and intermediate resistance to early blight and Septoria Leaf spot.

These compact plants are perfect for containers, raised beds, and smaller spaces.

16. Big Beef

Big Beef is my top choice for beefsteak tomatoes full of flavor. They are highly resistant to Alternaria stem canker, Fusarium wilt, nematodes, TMV, and Verticillium wilt.

They are almost blemish-less with globe-shaped red fruit.

Here is the profile of Big Beef:

17. Primo Red

Primo red is an early-maturing red tomato resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium, TMV, and intermediate resistance to tomato spotted wilt. They are smooth, globe-shaped, large-sized fruits produced on compact plants.

Their determinate growth habit makes them ideal for both commercial growers and home growers.

18. Porterhouse

Porterhouse is my greatest beefsteak tomato bursting with flavor. They are Fusarium and Verticillium resistant hybrids.

They have the right balance of meat and succulent juice with a smooth texture. Also, they are prolific, vigorous plants with smaller blossom end scars.

19. Rutgers

Rutgers tomato, also known as Jersey tomato, is a popular open-pollinated beefsteak tomato. They have resistance to Alternia stem canker, Fusarium, and Verticillium wilt.

They have an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness with less susceptibility to cracking. Also, they have been used for breeding many other hybrids.

20. SuperTasty

A popular hybrid determinate fruit that is well known for its flavor is SuperTasty. They are also disease-resistant and highly productive.

Also, they have a space-saving habit with minimal staking and rich tangy flavor. Their color is saturated with deep red both inside and out.

21. Amelia

Amelia is a hybrid tomato variety resistant to Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, nematode, and Tomato spotted wilt virus. These high-yielding vines are prized for disease and crack resistance paired with flavor.

They are specially bred for Southeastern regions and can be picked green or red depending on the culinary purpose.

22. Sweet Tangerine

Sweet Tangerine is a medium to large-sized heirloom determinate tomato variety with thin smooth skin and bright orange color. Also, they are highly disease-resistant.

They have low to moderate acid levels with a tangy-sweet flavor. They have a compact growing habit with a dense, meaty texture and globe shape.

23. Umamin

Umamin is a highly disease-resistant variety with a bold, smoky, savory flavor. These vigorous indeterminate plants resist TMV, Fusarium, Verticillium, and nematodes.

They are suitable for outdoor garden and requires adequate staking for harvest till frost. They are rare to find and introduce you to a unique umami flavor.

24. Plum Perfect

A superior-flavored and textured, highly productive plum variety is Plum Perfect. They have disease resistance to different stages of blight and Verticillium wilt.

Also, they have intermediate resistance to Fusarium Wilt and root-knot nematodes. They are well-suited for containers and small spaces due to their determinate habit.

25. Sweet Seedless

Sweet Seedless is an indeterminate plant with a perfect balance of flavor and sweetness and minimal seeds. Also, they have both solid firmness and juiciness. Also, they are disease resistant to ensure healthy yields.

They are fast maturing and have to be grown away from other tomatoes.

26. Crista

Crista is a flattened globe-shaped determinate hybrid variety with resistance to Tomato Spot Wilted Virus.

They are high-yielding plants that grow to a height of about three feet producing 10-ounce fruits. They are known for their richly colored flesh and good flavor.

27. Red Defender

A mid-season variety that produces large fruits with excellent disease protection is Red Defender.

They show resistance to Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, gray leaf spot, Alternaria stem canker, and intermediate resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus.

They display a uniform red color with nice taste and shelf-life.

28. Southern Star

Southern Star is another smooth, globe-shaped tomato with good taste and high yield. One unique feature of this variety is its resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus.

The plants are relatively small and may be suitable for containers.

Summary: Best Disease-Resistant Tomato Varieties

Here is a quick summary of the disease-resistant tomato varieties available

Tomato VarietyResistance
Better BoyF, V, N
Sweet 100F, V
Big DaddyF, V
CelebrityF, V, N, TMV
Fourth Of JulyF, V, N, TMV
Early GirlF, V
Italian IceF, V, N
Better BushF, V, N
Super SauceF, V
Bush Big BoyF, V, N, TMV
Summer GirlF, V
Yellow PearF, V
Iron LadyB and Septoria
StellarDifferent stages of blight
Big BeefF, V, N, and TMV
Primo RedTSWV
PorterhouseF, V
RutgersF, V
SuperTastyF, V, N, TMV
Sweet TangerineF, V, N, TMV
UmaminF, V, N, TMV
Plum PerfectB
Sweet SeedlessF, V, N
Red DefenderTSWV
Southern StarTSWV

F- Fusarium wilt virus, V-Verticillium wilt virus, N- Nematodes, TMV- Tobacco Mosaic Virus, B-Blight, TSWV- Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mention a few blight-resistant tomato varieties?

Many tomato varieties in the market show resistance to septoria leaf spot resistance, early blight resistance, and late blight. Few blight resistance varieties available are Iron Lady, Plum Perfect, BrandyWise, Mountain Magic, Summer Sweetheart, Jasper, and Stellar.

Is Roma tomato disease-resistant?

Yes, Roma tomatoes are incredibly popular due to its natural resistance to variety of diseases. They show resistance to Alternia stem canker, Fusarium wilt, Verticillium, Blight, and root-knot nematodes.


I hope this guide has provided you with many disease-resistant tomato varieties. You may choose the types suitable for your region and needs. 

Please let me know if you have any variety missed in the list. I would love to hear about your experiences.

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