27 Fastest Growing Tomato Varieties (heirloom / hybrid)

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Quick Answer: Which Tomato Varieties Grow The Fastest?

Different fast-growing, super-productive tomatoes are available in the market today. They are suitable to grow in areas with a cool climate or have a short growing season. They take 40-70 days to harvest. Some of these varieties are determinate that grow well in containers. The indeterminate varieties need more space and support to enjoy the juicy tomatoes.

This is the ultimate list of the fast-growing tomato varieties available!

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Tomatoes and Short Growing Season

There are many varieties of tomatoes that are fast-growing and yield fruits throughout the growing season. Some of these kinds are ideal for cooler climates.

I love to grow tomatoes in my vegetable garden. Hundreds of varieties are available that differ in size, shape, color, disease resistance, and maturity.   

The different types may be harvested at various times. The days to maturity are determined by the time the transplants are planted in the garden. 

The time from the flowering to the harvest of the tomato fruits is about eight weeks.

Suppose, you live in an area that has a short growing season, grow early-maturing tomato varieties. These types have more compact growth than the slow-growing varieties.

Fastest Growing Tomato Varieties

This subsection will list different fast-growing tomato varieties.

You may choose different fast-growing varieties according to your space constraint and preferences.

For small containers, you may choose determinate varieties. If you have space, you may select indeterminate varieties.

1. Orange Roma

Orange Roma is an indeterminate variety that bears fruits throughout the growing season. The average days to harvest is about 69 days.

Orange Roma has a few seeds with a sweet, fruity flavor. The early yielding orange tomatoes date back to 1955.

It works well for making pastes and sauces due to its meaty flesh. It is also good for drying.  Its indeterminate vines bear prolifically throughout the growing season.

Quick Tips

Orange Roma is an indeterminate variety that needs staking. It may be planted into trays in late September, and the day to maturity is 69 days.

2. Sub Arctic Plenty

One of the earliest heirloom tomato varieties is Sub Arctic Plenty which is ideal for cool conditions. The days to harvest are about 42-45 days.

Sub Arctic Plenty is considered to be one of the world’s earliest tomatoes that were developed in Alberta.

It is a compact plant producing three to four ounces of tomatoes. The fruit is concentrated in center clusters.

It is an heirloom variety that is ideal for growing in cool conditions and may bear fruits at lower temperatures. I love to grow them in hanging baskets.

Quick Tips

Sub Arctic Plenty is a determinate (bush) variety and takes 42-45 days to harvest. It does not require staking, and the seeds may be started indoors 6-8 weeks before late frost.

3. Early Cascade

Early cascade is a fast-growing tomato variety that produces tomatoes in clusters. It takes 55 days to harvest from the day of transplanting.

Early Cascade tomato is an early-season producer that is about 4 ounces. It produces a cluster of 5-8 tomato fruits. It is resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium.

I like to use it in salads.

One of the interesting features of Early Cascade is that it tends to trail instead of growing partially upright.

So, it makes it perfect for hanging tomato planters. But, it needs ample support.

The indeterminate  Early Cascade takes 55 days to harvest. They often have green shoulders.

4. Early Girl

Early Girl is a fast-growing hybrid that requires pruning, direct sunlight, and nutrient-rich soil. It takes 54 days to harvest from transplanting.

Early Girl is a popular fast-growing hybrid variety that is about 5 ounces. 

It has a classic round shape with tennis ball size and requires low watering. It is resistant to Verticillium and produces deep red tomatoes.

It bears fruits very early in the growing season. It grows longer than other varieties and requires pruning, a lot of sunshine, and nutrient-rich soil for a productive yield.

Early Girl is an indeterminate variety and continues to produce fruit throughout the growing season. The days to harvest are 54 days. It needs a sturdy stake or cage to grow upright.

5. Quick Pick

Quick Pick is a medium-sized, heavy-yielding variety that is resistant to many fungi. The average day to harvest is about 60 days.

Quick Pick yields 5 ounces of tomatoes that are round and smooth.

It is medium-sized that is red-colored and used for salads and slicing. Its plants grow to about six to eight feet.

It is a heavy-yielding variety and is resistant to VFNTA (Verticillium, Fusarium, Nematodes, Tobacco mosaic virus, and Alternaria).

Quick Pick is an indeterminate variety. The days to maturity are 60 (between 55-68 ) days.

6. Juliet Tomatoes

Juliet is a grape-shaped, indeterminate variety that is sweet, juicy, and meaty. It takes 60-70 days to harvest and holds shape well.

Juliet is a fast-growing, grape-shaped hybrid that bears lots of fruits on the indeterminate vines.  It is crack and disease-resistant, sweet, juicy, and meaty.

Sometimes, it is called mini Roma because of its similarities in shape.

It requires healthy, airy, nutrient-rich soil and remains in good condition for a longer time in vines.  It holds up shape like cherry tomatoes, and I use it in salads.

Juliet tomatoes are ready to harvest in 60-70 days. It is recommended to side-fertilize when the buds begin turning into tomatoes in the ground.

You may check this video for more information on Juliet tomatoes:

7. Bloody Butcher

Bloody butcher is a very early, high-yielding, indeterminate variety. The average day to harvest is around 60 days.

Bloody Butcher is one of my favorite fast-growing tomatoes. 

It is a very early and high-yielding, heirloom variety. It will yield small 3-4 ounce fruits per cluster that are globe-shaped, golf ball-sized fruits.

This variety is deep red with a nice flavor. It is an open-pollinated, indeterminate variety that has disease resistance.

It requires staking for growing upright and ripens until the first degree of frost.

Bloody Butcher is a tasty tomato that takes about an average of 60 (55-70) days to harvest. I use it for canning.

8. Rubia Tomatoes

Rubia is a determinate variety with rich flavor and is resistant to Fusarium. It takes 69-80 days to mature.

Rubia is an early maturing variety that sets medium to large elongated fruit.  It has a rich flavor with smooth, red-colored outer skin.

It is a determinate variety resistant to Fusarium and grows to about two to three feet in height. You may use it in salads and canning.

9. Stupice

Stupice is an indeterminate compact variety that may thrive in adverse climates. It takes 52 days to harvest from the day of transplanting.

Stupice is another popular fast-growing, open-pollinated, heirloom variety in my garden.

It is a vigorous plant that yields many 3 to 6-ounce red fruits. Its potato-leaf foliage results in round, crimson-colored fruit.

It is an indeterminate compact variety that may thrive in adverse climates.

I use it in a variety of cooking applications, including sauces, tarts, or salads due to its sweet and tangy flavor.

Stupice are a naturally disease-resistant variety that takes 52 days to harvest from the day of the transplant. 

10. Manitoba tomatoes

Manitoba tomatoes are productive heirloom varieties that bear 3-4 inch red fruits and tangy taste. It matures in 65 days.

Manitoba tomatoes are determinate varieties that thrive in cool climates. It is an early producer developed in the mid-1950s in Manitoba.

It produces bright red fruits with meaty flesh and tangy flavor.

It is resistant to Fusarium and Verticillium wilt. It is great for slicing and canning.

11. Sungold

Sungold is a popular cherry tomato with a distinctive orange color. It takes on an average 65 days to harvest after transplanting.

One of my favorite cherry tomatoes is Sungold for its distinctive, tangy-sweet fruits. Its golden orange color pops well in salads and party trays.

These indeterminate varieties may stay firmer a little longer than cherry tomatoes and will be ready to harvest throughout the summer season.

It requires more than six hours of direct sunlight and at least one inch of water per week.

12. Betalux 

Betalux is a low-growing, determinate variety that is early-yielding red tomatoes. It takes approximately 65 days to harvest.

Betalux is an early Polish determinate, potato-leaf variety whose rigid stem system does not require staking or pruning.

It yields 3-6 ounces red, oblate, smooth, and blemish-free tomatoes with tight and smooth tomato skin.

It is an heirloom, open-pollinated variety that works well for canning, sauces, and making pastes.

It has once been described as a humble superfood in a salad. Its dwarf kind is good for containers.

Betalux takes on an average of 65 days to mature. It is parthenocarpic and bears fruit without pollination. It does not tolerate magnesium deficiency and requires fertilizers.

13. Glacier Tomatoes

If you are looking for semi-determinate tomatoes that are cold tolerant,  you may choose glacier tomatoes.

It is a best-flavored, frost-sensitive annual with potato-leaf foliage that yields 2-3 ounce fruits.

It is an early open-pollinated crop that continues bearing fruits throughout the season. Its freshness is suitable for salads and sandwiches.

Glacier tomatoes are medium-sized saladette tomatoes that are a good container variety. The days to harvest are 55 days from transplanting.

14. Moskvich

Moskvich is a semi-determinate, fast-growing variety that grows well in cool climates. It takes on an average of 60 days to harvest.

Like Glacier, Moskvich is a semi-determinate, early variety that grows well in cool conditions. It is a Russian variety yielding 4-6 ounce, globular, and deep red, meaty tomatoes.

It is a crack-resistant, open-pollinated, indeterminate variety with good flavor. It is suitable for both fields and greenhouses.

It may be used fresh, cooked, and canned.

Moskvich is a juicy excellent-tasting tomato that takes 60 days to harvest. It is best to have a trellis to save space and help them grow.

15. Siberia

Siberian tomatoes are extra early cropping heirloom tomatoes that require staking. It may tolerate cool temperatures, and harvest time is 45-55 days.

Siberia was discovered by Ron Driskill in Calgary, Canada. It may set fruits in cool temperatures and is not frost hardy. 

The fruits weigh about five ounces and are bright red, and globe-shaped.

It is a determinate dwarf variety with a thick stem. It is suitable for containers with sweet, meaty flavors.

The days to maturity of Siberia tomato variety is 45-55 days. It requires staking and well-drained soil.

16. Jaune Flamme

Jaune Flamme is apricot-orange colored heirloom tomatoes that are medium-sized, juicy, and meaty. It requires support and takes 70-80 days to harvest.

Jaune Flamme is an indeterminate French heirloom variety that bears fruits in elongated trusses throughout the season.

It yields 4-ounce apricot-orange fruits with rich and meaty flesh. I feel like it glows against the green foliage.

It grows to a height of five or six feet and therefore, requires a stake or cage. 

You may remove suckers to avoid unruly growth. It is sometimes referred to as drying tomato as it may retain the color even after drying or roasting.

The days to harvest Jaune Flamme tomatoes are 70-80 days from the day of transplanting.

17. Early Doll

The early doll is a hybrid variety yielding globular-shaped, red-colored fruits. It needs on average 55 days to transplant.

Early Doll is a determinate variety that produces four to five-ounce bright red colored, globular shaped fruits.

It is good for salsas, salads, or slicing due to its excellent flavor.

Like other tomato varieties, it requires full sun and blooms from spring to summer. It is a home garden favorite that produces high yields.

Early Doll is an F1 hybrid variety that requires 55 days to transplant.

18. Sweet Olive

Sweet olive tomatoes are upright cordon tomatoes that grow well when given some support. It takes 59 days to harvest.

Sweet olive yields crimson red fruits having square shoulders in multi-branched trusses.

The baby plum tomatoes produced have the size and shape of olives. I feel its flavor improves over age.

It is a determinate variety that is an excellent choice for container gardening, patios, and small gardens.

It is suitable for salads and snacks. It is the winner of the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

The early-growing sweet olive tomatoes require 57 days to harvest.

19. Black Cherry

Black cherry tomatoes are dark red-colored cherry tomatoes that require a tall cage for support. It is perfect for salads and requires 64 days to mature.

If I want to provide a color variety to my tomato garden, I choose Black cherry plants.

It produces deep, dark red cherry tomatoes that grow well. It is an indeterminate variety, and I often provide a tall cage for support due to its vigorous growth.

It is open-pollinated and is sweet, rich, and has complex flavors. It is great for salads due to its striking color.

The date to the harvest of Black cherry is 64 days. It requires a tall cage.

20. Gold Medal

The gold medal tomato is a productive golden-yellow tomato that adds a pop of color to your salads. It takes 80-90 days to produce mature fruits.

Gold Medal tomatoes are golden yellow tomatoes with shades of pink and red inside and out. It is a low-acid variety that is deliciously sweet.

It is a productive heirloom tomato with high yields and crack resistance.

They have thin skin, meaty with few seeds.

I like the beautiful golden yellow shade and delicious sweetness, and works perfectly for fresh salads and sandwiches.

Gold Medal tomatoes take 80-90 days to mature and yield prolifically.  If you are growing in containers, you may need a large one.

21. Jet Star Tomatoes

Jet Star is an indeterminate tomato resistant to diseases and cracks. It is a low-acid variety that yields fruits over a long time. It takes 72 days on average to harvest.

Jet star tomato plants are early-season, indeterminate, hybrid tomatoes introduced in 1969.

It is resistant to cracks, Verticillium wilt, and Fusarium Wilt. These are mild, meaty, low-acidity tomatoes with few blemishes.

They require 5 hours of sunlight and produce fruits over a long period when planted in spring. Its indeterminate vines may grow on stakes or on the ground.

Jet star tomatoes are easy-to-grow that take about 72 days to harvest and produce bountiful yields.

22. Fourth Of July Tomatoes

Fourth of July tomatoes grow on indeterminate plants that will ripen 49 days from transplanting in the ground.

Fourth of July is one of the fast-growing varieties that continues to produce fruits around mid-summer (fourth of July).

These tomatoes require at least six hours of sunlight and one inch of water per week.

This non-cherry variety continues to produce tomatoes until late summer or early fall. Its skin is thicker and tends to be more acidic.

The day to harvest this indeterminate variety is 49 (55-68) days. It is a favorite in high-altitude areas.

23. Tomato Patio Choice

Tomato patio choice is a compact variety suitable for small spaces, containers, and hanging baskets. It may produce over 100 fruits on short vines in 45 days.

Tomato Patio choice is a compact, determinate variety developed to yield ½ ounce bright yellow cherry tomatoes.

As the name implies, it is ideal for small spaces and containers that set over 100 fruits on short vines.

It is ideal for eating fresh or sun-dried. It is the winner of the All-America Selections for its high yields, compact size, and disease resistance.

Tomato patio choice yellow determinate cherry tomato yields tomatoes in 45 days. The plant grows to about 15-18 inches on short vines.

24. Tumbler Tomato

Another red cherry, a fast-growing variety is the tumbler tomato. It is ideal to grow in small spaces and takes 55 days to mature.

Tumbler tomatoes are fresh cherry tomatoes that allow the gardeners to grow in limited container spaces. Its trailing habit makes it ideal to grow in hanging baskets.

You may use the freshly picked tomatoes in salads and vegetable trays. It may also be used for grilling. 

Then came the tumbling tom variety that has a good shelf life but takes longer to mature.

The determinate tumbler tomato plants grow to a height of 12-16 inches, and it takes 55 days to mature.

25. Whippersnapper

Whippersnapper is an oval-shaped, cherry tomato suitable for container gardening. It takes 52-70 days to harvest.

Whippersnapper is an early-maturing tomato variety ideal for hanging baskets, container gardens, and gallon pots.

It is high-yielding cherry tomato in an oval shape, pink color, and nice flavor. 

It may be redder when grown in mushroom compost. It is determinate, prolific, and requires strong support. It complements well for fresh salads.

Whippersnapper tomatoes do not require staking or pruning. It takes 52-70 days to harvest.

26. Tigerella Tomatoes

Tigerella is a bi-colored tomato variety that is relatively small and early-maturing. It takes 55-65 days to harvest.

Tigerella tomatoes are an English heirloom indeterminate variety.

They have unique strips that alternate between red and yellow-orange when matured. The tangy flavored tomatoes are about two inches.

These tomatoes offer a rich tangy flavor and grow well outdoors. It is an open-pollinated variety, and you may save the seeds for growing next year.


Tigerella tomatoes take 55-65 days to mature from the day of transplanting. It grows well when pruned.

27. Golden Nugget Tomatoes

Golden nugget tomatoes are slightly oval-shaped tomatoes with mouth watery and sweet flavor. It takes 56 days to harvest from transplanting.

The golden nugget tomatoes are yellow-colored, cherry tomatoes that are oval and one inch in diameter.

It has low acid content and a well-balanced sweet flavor. It is a bush variety that produces clusters of fruits on small vines.

It may grow well in containers and does not require staking. The majority of the early fruits are seedless, and it has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award.

Golden nugget tomatoes are the open-pollinated variety that takes on average 56 days to mature.


What is the reason for the dark-hued tomatoes?

It may be because these tomatoes hold onto some of their chlorophyll which mixes with red pigmentation inside. It may also be due to increased acid, minerals in the soil, and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Sometimes, it may also be due to bacterial diseases or rot.

How to differentiate determinate and semi-determinate varieties?

The semi-determinate varieties are determinate types except that they have lesser branches and more length of each branch. They require a pole to avoid trailing on the ground, and the plant grows to almost 1-2 meters.


I hope this guide has provided you with a great list of fast-growing tomato varieties. You may pick ones that best suit your climatic conditions.

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