16 Best Indeterminate Tomato Varieties For Containers

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Here is a guide to help you identify different indeterminate tomato varieties suitable for growing in containers.

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Best Indeterminate Tomatoes For Containers

Tomatoes are one of the crops that grow well even in containers when you have space constraints. Also, they give you the flexibility to move.

I have found from my experience that with sufficient container size and an appropriate plant support system, an indeterminate may grow well in containers.

The indeterminate varieties that are suitable for containers are cherry tomatoes, including Sungold, Sun Sugar, Bumblebee, Sweet 100, Early Cascade, Sweet Baby Girl, and Midnight Snack. Few hybrid and heirloom indeterminate varieties also grow well in containers. They require large pots, strong staking, and pruning to give the best yield.

Next, let us discuss different indeterminate tomatoes that are suitable for containers.

1. Sungold

Sungold is a hybrid indeterminate cherry tomato variety that will be well-suited for containers.

They produce lovely, golden-yellow tomatoes that mature in 60 days. They require a pot of at least sixteen to eighteen inches as they grow tall.

Check this video for more information:

2. Glacier

A popular saladette heirloom indeterminate variety suitable for containers is Glacier. It is cold-tolerant, producing flavorful, red globe tomatoes with very few seeds.

Their small to medium-sized fruits begin to mature in 65 days and grow to just three to four feet with a nice flavor.

3. Black Cherry

Black Cherry is a flavorful, heirloom indeterminate variety that produces large clusters of purplish, round tomatoes. It has a rich flavor with high sugar content that matures in 65 days.

They are a disease-resistant variety and can be grown in ten gallons containers. But, it may need sturdy support.

4. Sun Sugar

Sun Sugar, also known as yellow cherry is an easy-to-grow and disease-resistant indeterminate variety with a rich tomato taste.

But they grow to six feet tall and need support.

A single plant is capable of producing hundreds of fruits. So, they prefer medium to large-sized containers for adequate space.

Here is a video on Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes:

5. Bumblebee

Another little indeterminate cherry tomato that is perfect for containers is Bumblebee, with distinctive yellow stripes and pink marbling. They may need a trellis to climb for maximum production.

They are highly resistant to cracking, making them ideal for containers. One unique feature is that flavors change with different stages of ripening.

6. Carmello

Carmello is one of the highly disease-resistant, hybrid indeterminate tomato varieties suitable for containers. They produce heavy clusters of round fruits on uniform plants in around 70-75 days.

They maintain reliable growth and rich flavor during the changing weather. They are beefsteak fruits that have an impressive fruit size.

7. Stupice

A compact heirloom variety that is well-suited for containers is Stupice. They are usually round tomatoes with a balanced flavor and crimson flesh.

They have unique potato-leaf foliage that will produce fruits even in more excellent areas. They are drought-resistant that are perfect for regions with short summers.

8. Brandywine

A popular heirloom indeterminate variety with large fruits is Brandywine. They can be grown in  15 gallons containers with support.

They were originally blood red but now with many strains of different colors.

They may take 85 days to mature with a characteristic sweet taste. I prefer to serve them fresh in slices.

9. Sweet 100

Sweet 100 is a red-fruited cherry type that looks attractive with long fruit trusses. This indeterminate hybrid variety is disease-resistant and ideal for containers.

They will produce hundreds of tomatoes. They will require pruning as suckers will grow abundantly on this variety.

10. Early Cascade

Early Cascade is a hybrid indeterminate red cherry variety suitable for small spaces and containers. They take between 55 to 65 days to harvest with good disease resistance.

They have abundant yields of firm red fruits with green shoulders from early summer to the frost. Also, they are apt to grow in cooler regions.

11. Sweet Baby Girl

Another indeterminate cherry tomato variety that is apt for containers and patios is Sweet Baby Girl. They are sweet, soft-skinned, petite fruits produced on tall vines.

They are compact and easy to manage with regular pruning. They are crack-resistant with long shelf life.

Here is the plant profile of Sweet Baby Girl tomatoes:

12. Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson is one of the popular tomato varieties for anyone trying to grow the indeterminate variety in containers. They have a distinctive sweet and smoky flavor with bright-red color and dark green shoulders.

They need to be staked or tied to a trellis. They are juicy with an excellent acid-sweet balance making them ideal for slicing tomatoes.

13. Green Zebra

Green Zebra is a hybrid indeterminate variety that is yellowish green with deep green stripes. They are resistant to cracking with a tangy flavor.

This variety is a favorite of many chefs due to their unique appearance and taste. One problem is that it is hard to identify their ripeness.

14. Italian Ice

Italian Ice is a small indeterminate, container-friendly variety bursting with a sugary sweet flavor. They form large clusters of one-inch unique small white to cream-yellow fruits. They turn lemony-white color when mature.

They take about 55 to 68 days to harvest. Their sugary, low-acid taste works well in salads and pasta.

15.  Japanese Black Trifele

A highly-prized, mahogany-colored tomato with potato leaf plant is Japanese Black Trifele. Their compact structure allows them to adapt to the container with adequate staking.

They have glossy skin and meaty cores that are highly resistant to cracking. Their smoky flavor makes them a great addition to salads.

16. Midnight Snack

A unique cherry tomato that ripens red is Midnight Snack indeterminate tomatoes.  They develop glossy purple-black on the skin when exposed to sunlight.

They can be grown in containers with support. They have a well-balanced flavor that makes them perfect for salads and barbecues.

Check out this quick video on Midnight snack tomatoes:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you grow indeterminate tomatoes in containers?

Indeterminate varieties require larger pots to provide room for roots to grow. Plant them deep and provide stake or a cage to support their stems and branches. They require constant pruning so that plant puts their energy into producing flowers and fruits.

How to reuse containers to grow tomatoes?

After the frost has killed the tomato plants at the end of the growing season, dump the soil. Sterilize the containers with one part of bleach to 10 parts of water to eliminate the risk of harmful pathogens. You may reuse the containers to grow tomatoes using a fresh soil mix.


I hope this guide has given you many choices while choosing indeterminate tomato varieties appropriate for containers.

Please let me know if you have any other indeterminate plants for containers in your garden.

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