Tree Names Starting With B

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1. Baldcypress

Scientific Name: Taxodium distichum

Family: Cupressaceae

Native: Southern Texas and far into Mexico

Type: Deciduous

Ahuehuete trees grow to about 40 meters tall and 3 meters wide in diameter. They are usually found in swampy areas and have distinct feather-resembling shoots.

Other characteristics include a broad-based trunk with projecting “knees”.

They bear small seed cones that are round and fleshy.

2. Balm, Mountain

Scientific Name: Ceanothus velutinus

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: Open wooded slopes of central California 

Type: Evergreen

This small tree reaches 1 to 6m in height and often has several trunks.

Its leaves are aromatic, fine toothed and bright green.

It bears several white flowers in conical clusters and a triangular fruit that is dark brown at maturity.

3. Balsam, Canada

Scientific Name: Abies balsamea

Family: Pinaceae

Native: Boreal forests of Western North America

Type: Evergreen

The Canada Balsam fir tree is a large tree that grows up to 25m with a trunk up to 1m in diameter. The bark is gray and the tree’s leaves are needle-like.

The seed cone is ellipsoid, blue-gray, and turns brown at maturity. This tree is usually found at elevations above 600m.

4. Baretta

Scientific Name: Helietta parvifolia

Family: Rutaceae

Native: Scrub thickets of extreme southern Texas

Type: Semi Evergreen

The tree grows up to 8m tall with elliptical, shiny, and dark-green leaves.

It bears numerous flowers in white to greenish colors in clusters. Its fruit is a yellow and tan segmented capsule.

The leaves have a distinct aromatic smell unique to this small tree.

5. Basswood, American

Scientific Name: Tilia americana

Family: Malvaceae

Native: Widespread in eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This tree grows to heights from 18 to 30m and has a single straight trunk.

It bears distinctive heart-shaped leaves and a few flowers that are fragrant and yellowish-white.

The fruit is round, has a thick shell, and resembles a nut.

6. Bayberry, California

Scientific Name: Myrica californica

Family: Myricaceae

Native: Coastal Dunes, Marshes and coniferous forests of California

Type: Evergreen

This tree grows to 10m tall and has a distinguishing spicy aromatic scent secreted by glands on the leaves and twigs. It has dark green leaves and small catkins for flowers.

The fruit is a round drupe with a waxy texture and is darkly colored.

7. Bay, California

Scientific Name: Umbellularia californica

Family: Lauraceae

Native: Redwood forests, slopes, and canyons of California

Type: Evergreen

This magnificent tree stands at up to 45m tall with a trunk up to 1m in diameter.

It has highly aromatic pungent leaves and pale yellow flowers in clusters of 6 to 8.

The fruit is a circular to ovoid drupe that resembles a golf ball on a tee.

8. Bayonetta

Scientific Name: Yucca thompsoniana

Family: Asparagaceae

Native: Rocky slopes of Texas and Mexico

Type: Evergreen

This small tree only grows to 3m tall and has stiff leaves that are extremely rough-textured.

The flower may be bell-shaped, circular, or pendant-shaped and is borne in clusters.

The fruit is usually an ovoid capsule.

9. Bean, Castor

Scientific Name: Ricinus communis

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Native: Eurasia

Type: Evergreen

This tree grows to 3m in cold areas and 10m in warmer regions.

It has simple, broad, and circular leaves with tiny greenish flowers that are borne year-round in favorable climates.

The fruit is one large spiny capsule that is usually brown in color.

10. Bearberry

Scientific Name: Frangula purshiana

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: Roadsides, edges, and clearings of southern British Colombia to Northern California

Type: Deciduous

The bearberry tree is a small tree, about 5-15m, and has a straight trunk.

The leaves are clustered, simple, and have a dark green shiny upper surface.

It bears a bell-shaped, broad, yellowish-green flower and a shiny blackish round drupe for a fruit.

11. Bearbrush

Scientific Name:Garrya fremontii

Family: Garryaceae

Native: Open woodlands and forests of s. Washington, nw. Nevada to s.California, nw. Mexico

Type: Evergreen

This plant, usually a shrub 1 to 3m tall, is yellowish-green with oval-shaped leaves that are hairless and lustrous.

It flowers between January to April and bears a blackish round fruit that is also hairless.

12. Bee-brush

Scientific Name: Eysenhardtia texana

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Brushy slopes of southern Texas

Type: Deciduous

This tree, usually a shrub of up to 5m tall, is deciduous in colder climates.

It has oblong leaves with distinct densely spiked flowers that resemble peas.

The fruit is also oblong and is an ascending legume. Calcareous soils are where this tree is commonly found.

13. Big Tree

Scientific Name: Sequoiadendron giganteum

Family: Cupressaceae

Native: Isolated groves of California’s coniferous forests

Type: Evergreen

This magnificent tree is the largest in the world, standing at 9.5m with a trunk to 8.5m wide.

It has a red-brown bark that is extremely thick.

The tree bears scalelike leaves and seed cones. This is the third-longest living tree species in the world and the wood is commonly used to make matchsticks

14. Bird-Of-Paradise

Scientific Name: Caesalpinia gilliesii

Family: Fabaceae

Native: South America

Type: Evergreen

This open shrub or small tree grows from 1 to 4m tall with elliptical leaves.

The flowers are distinct, colored yellow with bright red stamens.

The fruit is an elongated oblong legume. These trees are frequently planted for ornamental use.

15. Bluewood

Scientific Name: Condalia hookeri

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: Sandy brush areas of Texas and Mexico

Type: Evergreen or Deciduous

This shrub or tree forms thickets and grows up to heights of 6-9m tall.

It has thorn-tipped rigid twigs with spoon-shaped leaves that are lustrous and yellow-green.

The flower is bowl-shaped and light green and the fruit is a circular drupe that darkens as it matures.

16. Blackhead, Ebony

Scientific Name: Ebenopsis ebano

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Wooded or brushy areas of Texas and Mexico

Type: Evergreen

This many-armed shrub reaches heights of 9m tall and has many branches.

The twig bears short spines and the leaf is a lustrous dark green color.

The flowers are cream-colored and small. The fruit is a thick-walled legume that is dark brown to black.

17. Bladdernut, Sierra

Scientific Name: Staphylea bolanderi

Family: Staphyleaceae

Native: California to Sierra Nevada

Type: Deciduous

This tree or shrub is 2 to 6m tall with hairless twigs and green leaves bears several flowers in clusters that are white-colored and 5-petaled.

The fruit is football-shaped and inflated. It is uncommon to find this tree on wooded or shrubby slopes.

18. Blueblossom

Scientific Name: Ceanothus thyrsiflorus

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: Brushy or wooded slopes and canyons of Oregon and California

Type: Evergreen

This small shrub has a wide, dense, and windswept appearance, growing to heights of only 0.5m to 6m. It has dark green oval shaped leaves but it’s primary characteristic is its distinct clusters of pale blue to blue flowers.

19. Botoncillo

Scientific Name: Cephalanthus salicifolius

Family: Rubiaceae

Native: Wet soils of Texas

Type: Deciduous

This shrub or small tree grows to heights of 2 to 5m tall.

The whorled leaves are a distinct feature of this plant and they are green and lustrous. It bears flowers in dense circular clusters.

The flowers are trumpet-shaped and the fruit is a woody capsule.

20. Bottlebrush, Weeping

Scientific Name: Melaleuca viminalis

Family: Myrtaceae

Native: Australia

Type: Evergreen

This tree attains heights of up to 6m and has leathery dark green leaves.

The tree bears flowers in red spikes that droop off the ends of its twigs, resembling a bottlebrush thus giving the plant its name.

The fruit is a hard capsule.

21. Boxelder

Scientific Name: Acer negundo

Family: Sapindaceae

Native: Southern and central Arizona and New Mexico

Type: Deciduous

The boxelder tree grows from 12 to 25m tall with one or more trunks.

It bears thin leaves that have a light green upper surface. The flowers bear no petals, only yellow-green sepals.

The fruit is small and pale brown in color.

22. Box, Victorian

Scientific Name: Pittosporum undulatum

Family: Pittosporaceae

Native: South East Australia

Type: Evergreen

The Victorian Box attains heights of 15m with 1 to many trunks and simple, thin leaves that are oblong shaped.

The flowers are borne in clusters of 5 to 10, they are aromatic and creamy white in color.

The fruit is circular and has a leathery finish that is usually orange.

23. Brushholly

Scientific Name: Xylosma flexuosa

Family: Salicaceae

Native: Extreme southern Texas

Type: Evergreen

The brushholly is a thin shrub, around 2m tall or a tree up to 12m tall. It has distinctive thorns on each leaf node. The leaves are oval and leathery, usually dark green.

The plant bears small flowers without petals. The fruit is a round red berry.

24. Buckeye, California

Scientific Name: Aesculus californica

Family: Sapindaceae

Native: California

Type: Deciduous

This tree grows as tall as 12m and bears leaflets with long petioles.

The flowers may be pink or white, and have a sweet scent, borne in thick clusters.

The fruit is a hanging pear shaped capsule with a leathery finish.

25. Buffaloberry, Silver

Scientific Name: Shepherdia argentea

Family: Elaeagnaceae

Native: Widely scattered in western North America

Type: Deciduous

This tree is about 6m tall with spreading branches and simple, thin leaves.

The leaves are distinctly covered in silvery scales on both sides.

The flowers are small, yellow, and borne in clusters. The fruit resembles a reddish drupe speckled with white.

26. Bully, Gum

Scientific Name: Sideroxylon lanuginosum

Family: Sapotaceae

Native: Southern Arizona, scattered across Mexico

Type: Deciduous

This plant is usually a shrub 6-20m tall with cluttered wedge-shaped leaves and thorn-tipped branches. The leaves have a distinct felt-finished lower surface.

The flowers are white or cream yellow and are 5-petaled. The fruit is a blackberry, which is usually oval-shaped.

27. Burning Bush

Scientific Name: Euonymus occidentalis

Family: Celastraceae

Native: Coastal ravines of southwest British Colombia to southwest California

Type: Deciduous

This shrub or small tree is 2-6m tall and has oval leaves with a tapered point.

The flower is green to purplish and 5-petaled, often with purple spots.

The fruit is a capsule with a large singular brown seed.

28. Buttercup Bush

Scientific Name: Senna multiglandulosa

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Central and South America

Type: Deciduous

This spreading tree grows to 6m tall and has thick and hairy leaflets.

It bears bright yellow flowers in clusters of 5 to 15.

The fruit is swollen legume with a leathery finish. The plant was introduced in many parts of the world for ornamental purposes but now is a weed.

29. Butterflybush, Squarestem

Scientific Name: Buddleja saligna

Family: Buddlejaceae

Native: south Africa

Type: Evergreen or deciduous

This tree or shrub grows up to 7m tall and has velvety white twigs. It has olive-green leaves with star-shaped scales on the bottom. The tree bears flowers colored cream, orange, or reddish in clusters. The fruit is an oval capsule about 2mm long.

30. Buttonball-tree

Scientific Name: Platanus racemosa

Family: Platanaceae

Native: Canyons and along rivers of California

Type: Deciduous

This medium-sized tree grows to 25m long with many trunks and a broad crown. The leaves are thick and dark green. The flower is greenish-yellow to red in color and circular.

The fruit is a dense and round brown head with brown bristles on the base.

31. Baccharis, Eastern

Scientific Name: Baccharis halimifolia

Family: Asteraceae

Native: coastal eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This small tree grows to 4m tall with multiple trunks.

The leaves are grayish-green, dotted with glands.

The tree bears flowers, male ones being yellow and female ones being whitish with cotton-like bristles for seed distribution.

32. Banyan Tree

Scientific Name: Ficus benghalensis

Family: Moraceae

Native: Asia

Type: Evergreen

This tree grows to 30m tall with many secondary trunks and leathery heart-shaped leaves that have a shiny green upper surface and a paler hairy lower surface.

The fruit is a hairy, rounded fig or orange.

33. Beadtree, Red

Scientific Name: Adenanthera pavonina

Family: Fabaceae

Native: tropical Asia

Type: Deciduous

This tree grows up to 20m tall and has a light brown bark with dark green leaflets that are oval shaped. The yellow or orange flowers bloom in spring.

The fruit is a flattened, spiral shaped legume that matures in autumn.

34. Beaverwood

Scientific Name: Celtis occidentalis

Family: Cannabaceae

Native: Widely scattered in eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This tree or shrub grows up to 35m tall and has a single trunk with a brown bark and coarsely toothed leaves.

It bears small, green flowers without petals in spring.

The fruit is a round dark red or purple drupe that matures in autumn.

35. Bee-bee Tree

Scientific Name: Tetradium daniellii

Family: Rutaceae

Native: Asia

Type: Evergreen

This tree, about 20m tall, bears broad oval shaped leaves with a short pointed tip. The flowers are white, 5-petaled, and are borne in clusters in summer.

The fruit is a pod that is shaped like a pear and matures late in summer or in autumn.

36. Beech, American

Scientific Name: Fagus grandifolia

Family: Fagaceae

Native: Eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This tree is 5 to 30m tall with a single trunk, a smooth blue-gray bark, and simple dark-green oval leaves that are coarsely toothed.

The flowers are small and inconspicuous. The fruit is a cupule that contains 1 to 3 nuts.

37. Beeftree

Scientific Name: Guapira discolor

Family: Elaeagnaceae

Native: Widely scattered in western North America

Type: Evergreen

This scraggly shrub is about 5 to 10m tall and lowly branched. It has a smooth bark and stout twig. The leaves are leathery and thick, with the upper surface being yellow-green.

The flowers are trumpet shaped, usually yellow or light green.

The fruit is a fleshy, bright red drupe.

38. Ben Franklin Tree

Scientific Name: Franklinia alatamaha

Family: Theaceae

Native: Altamaha River

Type: Deciduous

This shrub or tree is 3-7m tall and has a simple oval leaf with a long, tapered base and a dark green upper surface. The flower is white and 5-sepaled.

The fruit is a round brown capsule that matures late in autumn.

39. Bitterbush, Florida

Scientific Name: Picramnia pentandra

Family: Picramniaceae

Native: Miami-Dade County

Type: Evergreen

This shrub grows to 6m tall with a smooth, gray bark and a broad, papery leaf that is lustrous green.

The flower is small, green, tinged with red that blossoms mainly in summer.

The plant has dangling clusters of a fleshy round red berry.

40. Boxorange, Chinese

Scientific Name: Severinia buxifolia

Family: Rutaceae

Native: China, Taiwan

Type: Evergreen

This evergreen shrub has leathery dark green leaves that are oval-shaped with a notched tip.

It bears white, 5-petaled flowers that are aromatic and blossom in spring.

The fruit is a black berry that is round and has several seeds.

41. Boxwood, False

Scientific Name: Gyminda latifolia

Family: Celastraceae

Native: Southern Florida

Type: Evergreen

This small tree is about 8m tall and has a diameter of 15cm with a grayish-brown bark and a simple, thick leaf that is bluntly toothed and light green on the surface.

The flower is greenish-white and the fruit is a round, darkly colored drupe that matures around the year.

42. Bucida, Oxhorn

Scientific Name: Bucida buceras

Family: Combretaceae

Native: West Indies

Type: Evergreen

This tree grows to about 25m tall and has a broad crown with leaves densely crowded at the tips of shoots.

The flower is greenish white without petals and appears in clustered dangling spikes.

The fruit is egg-shaped and leathery.

43. Buckthorn, Alder

Scientific Name: Frangula alnus

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: Europe

Type: Deciduous

This small tree grows to 7m tall with several trunks and a smooth grayish-brown bark. The leaves are oval with a short pointed tip and a lustrous green upper surface.

The flower is creamy or yellowish-green, borne in clusters. The fruit is a rounded drupe.

44. Buckwheat Tree

Scientific Name: Cliftonia monophylla

Family: Cyrillaceae

Native: Swamps and southeastern coastal plains

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or small tree grows to 18m tall with a smooth dark gray bark and grayish twig. The leaves are leathery and dark green.

The plant bears fragrant white flowers that are sometimes tinged with pink.

The fruit is a dry drupe that resembles a golden amber capsule.

45. Bursting-heart

Scientific Name: Euonymus americanus

Family: Celastraceae

Native: Moist woods and floodplains of eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This shrub has multiple stems and a distinct knobby red fruiting capsule. The leaves are dark green and fine-toothed and the stems are green as well.

The tree also bears a creamy white 4-petaled flower. The flowers are borne from the leaf axils.

46. Butterbough

Scientific Name: Exothea paniculata

Family: Sapindaceae

Native: Hammocks and shell mounds of Florida

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or tree reaches heights of 15m tall with a bright reddish brown bark. It has compound leaves that bear oblong dark green leaflets.

The flower is a white 5-petaled spreading structure. The fruit is a red berry that darkens and becomes purple at maturity.

47. Butternut

Scientific Name: Juglans cinerea

Family: Juglandaceae

Native: Irregularly distributed in eastern North America

Type: Deciduous

This tree is 20 to 30m tall and 1m in diameter. It has a light gray bark and a lustrous twig. The leaves are ovate and have a tapered tip with a yellowish-green upper surface.

The flowers are greenish-yellow catkins. The fruit is an oval nut or drupe.

48. Buttonwood

Scientific Name: Conocarpus erectus

Family: Combretaceae

Native: Coastal hammocks, mangroves of south Florida

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or tree grows to 20m tall and has a single erect trunk. The leaves are simple and leathery with a sharp tip.

The tree bears small green flowers without petals in dense clusters during spring to autumn.

The fruit is small and scalelike.

49. Beargrasses (Genus)

Family: Asparagaceae

Native: southern US to Mexico

Type: Evergreen

This genus consists of 30 species that bear rosettes and several flexible leaves.

They have small, creamy white flowers that are borne in clusters and a stiff, papery capsule for a fruit.

The leaves and flowers of this genus are used in basket and mat weaving.

50. Birches (Genus)

Family: Betulaceae

Native: North America

Type: Deciduous

Birches are a genus of about 35 species and consist of deciduous trees or shrubs bearing multiple trunks.

The bark is distinct with peeling sheets and the tree bears oval leaves that turn yellow in the autumn. The flowers and fruits are both conspicuous catkins.

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