List of Tree Names Starting With the letter I

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1. Indigoberry, White

Scientific Name: Randia aculeata

Family: Rubiaceae

Native: Florida, Bermuda, the Bahamas, among the Caribbean islands

Type: Evergreen

Indigoberry, White is small and five-lobed.

Its leaves are orbicular with shiny upper surfaces. Its trunk and branches may be armed with thorns, and the fruits begin as green, then turn creamy white with dark, bluish-black pulp to make a blue dye.

2. Inkwood

Scientific Name: Hypelate trifoliata

Family: Sapindaceae

Native: Extreme Southern Florida and islands of the Caribbean

Type: Evergreen

Inkwood has slender upright branches close to the ground, the bark is reddish-brown, thin, mottled and its leaves are a glossy dark green.

Its flowers are white with yellow and orange in the center, and its fruits are berries, orange or reddish-brown.

3. Incense Cedar

Scientific Name: Calocedrus

Family: Cupressaceae

Native: Eastern Asia and Western North America

Type: Evergreen

Incense Cedar is named after the odor of its leaves when bruised and consists of successive pairs of close then distant spaced leaves, being in apparent whorls of four with erect scales and dark red/brown bark and bright yellow flowers.

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4. Indigo bush

Scientific Name: Dalea

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Distributed from Canada to Argentina

Type: Evergreen

Indigo Bush is a finely textured and branched native shrub best for wet to dry soils, with long, compound leaves that are gray-green and beautiful violet-blue flowers its fruit is a legume pod, usually with a thin partition between the seeds.

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5. Isu Tree, Winter Hazel

Scientific Name: Distylium

Family: Hamamelidaceae

Native: East and South East Asia

Type: Evergreen

Isu Tree, Winter Hazel Hardy, is a sizeable multistemmed shrub or medium tree that contains layers, arching branches, and small clusters of late-winter to early-spring flowers in leaf axils followed by small, nutlet-like fruit.

Its leaves maintain a green color throughout winter.

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6. Ixiolirion Tataricum

Family: Ixioliriaceae

Native: Central and Southwest Asia from the Sinai Peninsula

Type: Deciduous

Ixiolirion Tataricum is a clump of narrow, gray-green leaves bearing loose clusters of flowers in late spring.

Each blue-violet blossom has six narrow petals marked with a darker central line. Foliage dies down in summer, not to reappear until the following spring.

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7. Inula (Genus)

Family: Asteraceae

Native: Europe, Asia, and Africa

Type: Deciduous

Inula is a large genus of about 90 species of flowering plants that vary greatly in size, from small species a few centimeters tall to enormous perennials over 3 m (10 ft) tall and carries yellow daisy-like composite flowerheads often with narrow ray-florets.

8. Iochroma (Genus)

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Forests of South America and Mexico

Type: Both Evergreen and Deciduous

Iochroma is a genus of about 34 species of shrubs and small trees with simple, pointed, oval leaves.

The hanging tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers may be purple, blue, red, white, or yellow and are followed by pulpy berries enclosed in a large cavity.

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9. Impatiens (Genus)

Family: Balsaminaceae

Native: Distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and the Tropics.

Type: Evergreen

The Impatiens is a genus of more than 1,000 species of flowering plants with entire, often dentate or sinuate leaves which contain extra-floral nectaries.

The crown consists of five petals that form a cap over the ovary and falls off after the male phase.

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10. Illiciaceae (Family)

Native: Primarily temperate and subtropical regions

Type: Evergreen

Illiciaceae Family consists of 16 genera and 635 species of shrubs or small trees with evergreen, simple, alternate, spiral, leathery leaves with hermaphrodite flowers. Its stem is unilacunar with internal phloem absent.

Its fruit is non-fleshy, and the fruiting carpel is dehiscent I.e, presents only one seed.

11. Ivy / Ginseng (Family)

Native: Centered in Southeast Asia and tropical America

Type: Evergreen

Ivy/ Ginseng Family consists of approximately 700 species of ornamental plants and houseplants usually large, alternate, and compound leaves with five-parted flowers arranged in compound umbels (flat-topped clusters), and jas a berry or a drupe, one-seeded fruit.

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Summary of List of Trees Starting with Letter I

Sr. noNameFamilyType
1Indigoberry, WhiteRubiaceaeEvergreen
3Incense CedarCupressaceaeEvergreen
4Indigo bushFabaceaeEvergreen
5Isu Tree, Winter HazelHamamelidaceaeEvergreen
6Ixiolirion TataricumIxioliriaceaeDeciduous
7Inula (Genus)AsteraceaeDeciduous
8Iochroma (Genus)SolanaceaeBoth Evergreen and Deciduous
9Impatiens (Genus)BalsaminaceaeEvergreen
10Illiciaceae (Family)
11Ivy / Ginseng (Family)Evergreen

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