12 Tree Names Starting With N

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This is the complete list of tree species starting with the letter N.

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1. Nannyberry

Scientific Name: Viburnum lentago

Family: Adoxaceae

Native: Montana to Colorado

Type: Deciduous

This shrub or tree is 5 to 10m tall with a hairless twig and simple, opposite, elliptical leaves that have a lustrous upper surface and a pale lower surface with dark dots.

The flower is creamy-white and borne in clusters. The fruit is an elliptical blue-black drupe.

2. Negrito

Scientific Name: Citharexylum berlandieri

Family: Verbenaceae

Native: Southern Texas, North-east Mexico

Type: Deciduous

This crooked shrub is usually under 9m tall and has an irregularly contorted crown.

The bark is mottled-gray, smooth, and tight. The leaves are opposite and oval with a light green upper surface. The flowers are aromatic and white to cream-colored.

The fruit is a long shiny drupe.

3. Nettle-tree

Scientific Name: Celtis australis

Family: Cannabaceae

Native: Southern Europe, North Africa

Type: Deciduous

This tree grows to 25m tall with a lanceolate leaf that has sharply toothed margins.

The upper surface is smooth, and the lower surface is softly hairy.

The flowers blossom in March through April. The fruit is a purple to black drupe.

4. Nogal

Scientific Name: Juglans microcarpa

Family: Juglandaceae

Native: North Mexico

Type: Deciduous

This shrub or small tree is 10m tall with one-to-many trunks.

The bark is gray and fissured with rough ridges.

The leaves are alternate and compound with finely toothed margins.

The flowers blossom from March to April, and the fruit is a globose, smooth, and husky nut.

5. Nolina, Bigelow

Scientific Name: Nolina bigelovii

Family: Asparagaceae

Native: Southern California

Type: Evergreen

This plant has one or many trunks and grows to 1 to 2.5m tall with flat, broad, strap-shaped leaves. The leaves shred into pale brown fibers.

The flowers are produced in tall panicles, and the fruit is a capsule 8-12mm long and notched at the base and tip.

This plant is found in rocky areas and deserts.

6. Nutmeg, California

Scientific Name: Torreya californica

Family: Taxaceae

Native: Oregon and California

Type: Evergreen

This tree grows to 40m tall with a trunk up to 2m in diameter with needle-like leaves that are sharply pointed, emitting a strong odor when crushed.

The bark is gray-brown and scaly. The twig is green at first and becomes gray-brown as it matures.

The seed cone is short, elliptical, green, and has a leathery texture that covers the seed completely.

7. Nettletree

Scientific Name: Trema micrantha

Family: Cannabaceae

Native: Southern Florida and Florida Keys

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or tree grows to 12m tall with a diameter of about 13cm.

The leaf is alternate and simple, having a broadly lanceolate shape and a heart-shaped base. The bark is light brown, smooth, and has wart-like lenticels on it.

The twig is green and hairy.

The flower is greenish-yellow with 5 sepals and no petals. The fruit is a round and fleshy drupe.

8. Nightshade, Mullein

Scientific Name: Solanum erianthum

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Peninsular Florida and Southeast Texas

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or small tree grows to about 5m tall with alternate, simple, and thick leaves. The upper surface is grayish green.

The twig is densely hairy and gray with star-shaped hairs. The flowers are white and have five petals and sepals with yellow anthers.

The fruit is a round yellow berry.

9. Nut, Barbados

Scientific Name: Jatropha curcas

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Native: Tropical America

Type: Deciduous

This large shrub or small tree grows to about 6m tall and has a diameter of 16cm.

The leaves are alternate, dull green, and have impressed veins.

The bark is light brown, smooth, and warty. The flowers are yellowish-green and borne in branched clusters. The fruit is a rounded yellow capsule.

10. Nakedwood, Cuban

Scientific Name: Colubrina cubensis

Family: Rhamnaceae

Native: South Florida

Type: Evergreen

This shrub or small tree grows to 9m tall with an erect, single, trunk. The twig is slender, reddish, and hairy.

The leaves are alternate, simple, and leathery with a rounded base. The upper surface of the leaves is lustrous and medium green.

The flower is small and has 4 to 5 petals. The fruit is a round capsule-like drupe.

11. Necklacepod, Eve’s

Scientific Name: Styphnolobium affine

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Eastern Texas

Type: Deciduous

This shrub is usually 2 to 5m tall with a single, slender trunk.

The leaf is alternate and has a blade 10 to 20cm long. The bark is reddish brown and irregularly shaped, becoming scaly.

The flower is fragrant with a pink or white corolla, produced in terminal and drooping clusters. The fruit is an oblong leathery legume.

12. Neem Tree

Scientific Name: Azadirachta indica

Family: Melastomataceae

Native: Indian subcontinent

Type: Deciduous

This fast-growing tree reaches heights of 15 to 20m and has a dense, round crown. The leaves are opposite and pinnate.

The flowers are white and fragrant, produced in axillary panicles. The fruit is an olive-like drupe that is yellowish-white and fibrous.

The neem tree is known as drought-resistant and also for its medicinal properties.

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